EFINGER Relaunch Story

Our EFINGER Relaunch Story:

Our favorite store has always been EFINGER.  Used to walk there to buy worms.  Parents took us there to buy clothes, hats, scout gear, baseball gloves and Quench.

Efinger closed --- but always had love and appreciation from their customers.

We bought the EFINGER trademarks in 2019.  Then 2020 happened.

Now we’re paying more attention to what we buy and where we buy.

We’re reading more labels.

Where is it made?

Who’s making it?

Why do I shop where I shop?

What does that store stand for?


There are two requirements for every brand we offer at EFINGER:

  1.     Must be American Made
  2.     The brand must be American Owned.

This 2023 EFINGER Re-Launch is Online only with an offering of Clothing, Trucker Hats, Knit Hats and GIFT CARDS.

More brands and products are coming soon.


Inviting you to tell us what products you would like added to our website.

               Send to : info@EFINGERUSA.com